Truth Station

Places to be alone, together.

Truth Stations are places where we can take off our everyday masks
and be truly ourselves, away from all the roles we normally play.

TRUTH from Old English trīewth / trēowth meaning “faithfulness / constancy”
STATION meaning “a place where a specified activity is based”

Physical locations at which the work of the Truth Project can be accessed or experienced directly, so where we can commune as fellow souls on the journey, as well as where everyone is welcome to either ponder the nature of our existence or for simple rest.

Currently the sole Truth Station associated with the Truth Project can be found in a wooden area north-east of nearby Warsaw, Poland.

This Truth Station currently caters for:

  • - solitary or group contemplation,
  • - Truth Project or other project-work (small office facility),
  • - overnight stays (please note facilities are proper but basic).

There are no payment requirements or time constraints although the venue may be closed at times, especially during the colder autumn / winter months. There are no formal activities, however these are sometimes decided upon ad-hoc by current visitors with all participation always voluntary.

For more information or to visit please use contact details below:

Venue under refurbishment. Current images below soon to be updated!

Truth Station is part of the Truth Project.